"I've made a ton of mistakes...but one of them, is the worst mistake possible..."

Aiko Yuna is a Puella Magi, which currently lives in Minatakara City and first appeared in the "Beginning Arc" of "Chaos Ignites".

Aiko Yuna
Name Aiko Yuna
Alias Ai
Age 16
Soul Gem White, with a circle on it's top
Contract Wish To end the discussion with an close friend, which almost led to a broken friendship.
Color theme Cyan
Weapon Giant Boomerang
Birthday April 5th, 2002
Zodiac Aries
Height 1,50m
Weight 47kg
Hair Color Cyan
Eye Color Green-cyan
Race Human
Home World Japan
Allies Tsubasa (close friend)
Appears in Chaos Iginites: Beginning Arc


Chaos Ignites: Beginning Arc

She first appeared in the "Beginning Arc" of Chaos Ignites, being the main protagonist. After a discussion with Tsubasa, she almost lost a close friend. Then, she met Kyubey and wished to end this discussion. She found out that Magical Girls will despair and turn into witches, as she saw her sister Jayna doing so. Before she despairs, Tsubasa becomes a magical boy and saves her.

Chaos Ignites: Revelations Arc

Some time passed - Aiko and Tsubasa became veterans in fighting witches and also got a new friend - Zero. After Zero's throughts of the past, she realized that Tsubasa actually overused his magic. Because of a broken determination, because also Jayna despaired of that, she tried to stop Tsubasa, but unfortunately, he didn't listen and Aiko's worst nightmare became true - Tsubasa's despair.

Overwhelmed by tragic throughts, she couldn't fight and just ran away, but she got heavily injured by the witch itself. Before the witch could put the final strike, Zero entered the barrier, taking down the witch with his newfound magical boy powers. This shocked Aiko, because also Zero could despair now, but Zero promised Aiko to be careful about his actions. A last goodbye was given to Tsubasa, before Aiko and Zero moved on.

Chaos Ignites: Final Chapter Arc

After that, as Aiko and Zero were outside, a burst of wind appeared. Strange thing, it was summer and there was no wind around. Aiko throught it was something normal. However, Zero knew that something is wrong.

Aiko and Zero went their own ways for now. Aiko met a new girl named Kana and became friends with her. Kana told Aiko about a very dangerous witch, even stronger than the witch "Walpurgisnacht", which was already mentioned in a myth. Aiko knew, she had to be careful.

Her Look

She wears cyan girl-like clothes, with a cyan skirt. The Soul Gem being on one of her gloves. The other one is just for confusing. She also wields a giant cyan-black boomerang.


Tsubasa - Close friend. Aiko and Tsubasa had a discussion, with almost led to a broken friendship. Aiko wished for this discussion to disappear.

Zero - She met him while being outside with Jayna. First, he was a bit mysterious to her, but he became a friend.

Jayna - She is Aiko's sister.