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Amia of Kajiuria
Age 19 K.A. (Zero)

39 K.A. (Defenders)

Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Race Kajiurian
Allies Aran (brother)
Affiliation Kajiurian Defense Group (current)
Appears in Main:
  • Magical:Zero


  • Magical Defenders
Amia is a Kajiurian from the Defenders portion of the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.

A soft-spoken & calmer of the twins, Amia is one of the orphans who served as one of the members of the Kajiurian Defense Group. She is a member of the 4th Squadron, along with her brother Aran. In combat, Amia is melee-proficient due to her flexibility.

Weapons/Magic AbilitiesEdit


  • "Karvero" Swords (X2) - Amia had a pair of swords as a default weapon, as she is melee proficient.
    • Scissor Blade - Amia can form her two blades in a position of a pair of scissors.
  • Blaster Rifle -Amia can (sometimes) use Aran's rifle. A default mid-range weapon for the Kajiuria Defense Group, this rifle is customized by Aran to suit his combat style.


  • Voice Actors:
    • Iori Nomizu (Japanese)
    • Tia Ballard (English)
  • Mami-tomoe-prototype-appearance
    Amia's appearance is based on one of Tomoe Mami's prototype designs.
  • Amia's Japanese & English VA, Iori Nomizu and Tia Ballard, worked with fellow VAs Shimazaki Nobunaga & Josh Grelle, who voiced Aran, in the Date A Live series as Shidou and Yoshino respectively.
  • Amia's weapons, the Karvero, is derived from the Latin word "Curvo Ferro", which stands for "Curved Sword (a Katana)"

Production NotesEdit

  • Unlike her brother, Amia is melee proficient.

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