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Anastasia's Magical Wish is a Puella Magi fanfiction series made by Christinahorst.2018.


This story takes place in a different timeline, where witches still exist, but Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko and Homura are all still alive and have become veteran Puella Magi, being them for 5 years (and Madoka has a different wish, but it's unknown what it is). It's about a Puelian (a Puella Magi from a different world), Stacey Komusome, who comes to Earth to fight witches. She allies with Christine Hibi and Courtney Kyandoru, along with Madoka and Sayaka, and together, they are unstoppable (of course, Stacey's wish is to never lose).


Puella MagiEdit


Stacey is the main protagonist. She is from a world full of Puella Magis, and was sent to Earth to fight witches.

Christine is Stacey's best friend, and she is human, but also a Puella Magi. She knows about Stacey's world, but she doesn't want Stacey to know!

Courtney is a lonely Puella Magi. She prefers fighting alone, but ends up teaming up with Stacey.



  • Kyubey
  • Tubey


Of course there's witches! This is a different timeline!


The fanfiction ran for two seasons.

Season 1Edit

  1. A Puella Magi Girl from a Puella Magi World
  2. Say What Now?
  3. Courtney Appears
  4. Forever More
  5. I Can't Trust Him
  6. The Last Piece of Heart

Season 2Edit

  1. I will fight until I die
  2. That's not you
  3. The Bonds of Puella Magi
  4. Madoka, Sayaka, Christine and Courtney: Witches now!
  5. I Cannot Take It Any Longer
  6. Stacey, the First Puelian Witch

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