This article is about a character outside from the Madoka franchise.
Atori Igarashi
(五十嵐アトリ) is a character appearing in Free! (no, not the show about handsome hunks in swimsuits). She is friends with Tomoe (not that Tomoe), Kiska, & Misaki.

She does the peace pose often.


  • Atori's hairstyle is also shared with Chisato Shion from Puella Magi Suzune Magica, albeit with a shorter ponytail.
  • PMSM-Atori-Cameo
    In the 2nd chapter of Suzune Magica, a girl resembling Atori is seen resting on the window.
  • Atori's appearance will be serving as the basis of the new character Anita from Magical Defenders.

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