Muki: Wow being a puella magi hard : Yuki: if i havent saved you Chiziru it would a gotten you Chiziru: I know too bad rika not here and satomi wait is that another kybey; Muki: no : Yubey: hi my name is yubey nice to meet you i see you made a contract : Chiziru: wow yes i did hey its satomi-ch an i see you later : Chiziru: Satomi chaan do want to fight witches: Satomi: no im tired i aready fought 3 witches maybe tommow: Chiziru: fine bye satomi : Rika: dinner ready : Miki: OH yeah curry day : Yuki:Mhhh it look good.: Chiziru: yeah yeah good: Yuki; whats wrong chiziru:Chiziru: oh nothing im just sad becase i was really looking forwoed to this day oh thers some one at door: Satomi: oh chiziru do want to fight witches:Chiziru : um i cant go out at night but im going to my room so im gonna sneak after im done eating ; after done eating:Chiziru; im tired im going to bed ;Kyubey an Yubey: hello chiziru : Chiziru; ahh i have no time hi yubey an kyubey i gotta go with satomi bye: Chiziru:SATOMI ARE OUT HERE:Satomi: yeah lets go:Chiziru: wow this the best day ever : satomi: yeah wait my soul gem glowing the witch must be here: chiziru:my too an its creeppy here, HEY HERE THE WITCH:satomi: ready set go :chiziru;wait what ok lets go:after the witch fight:satomi: oh no its late gotta go:Chiziru:bye: next morning: Muki: im dont think thers school today becase of the weather; Yuki: yeah im going back to lay down.Rika: well im gonna check its gonna be quick .Muki: yeah yeah ok bye: Yuki: wait were coming with you Chiziru come on an you to muki:Muki: why do we have to go: Rika: wait a witch is near : Yuki: oh no were started to get pulled into it barrier : Chiziru:wait kets fight this an do our best: rika yuki an muki: Right

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