Chaos Ignites: Beginning Arc is the first story of Chaos Ignites and introduces a new kind of Magical - Magical Boys.

Chapters Edit

The story has 11 chapters.

Chapter 1 - Is this reality?: Aiko Yuna meets Kyubey, which can grant her a wish. She will become a Puella Magi and is bound on the task to fight against witches.

Chapter 2 - The Wish: Aiko has a discussion with her close friend, Tsubasa, which almost led into a broken friendship. She decides to use her wish.

Chapter 3 - The First Fight: After contracting, Aiko fights her first witch and has problems to do so...until another girl appears.

Chapter 4 - Magical Sisters: The new girl isn't new - it's the sister of Aiko, Jayna. Together, they fight against witches.

Chapter 5 - The Third: A mysterious boy finds out about Puella Magis. Is he friend, or foe?

Chapter 6 - Friend or Foe: The mysterious boy, now better known as Zero, is still mysterious to the girls. But they find out that Zero is actually a friendly guy. Zero tells them how he found out about Puella Magis.

Chapter 7 - Soul-Bound: The girls find out that the Soul Gem is actually the soul of the contracted girl. Aiko has her worries, but still, that won't stop the girls from fighting.

Chapter 8 - The Truth: Jayna's soul gem gets darker and the girls find out the truth about being Magical. Not only that, Zero also knew it already...

Chapter 9 - This was bound to happen: Zero tells them why he knows about the truth. Not only that, but also Jayna despairs and turns into a witch.

Chapter 10 - Aiko has to fight against her own sister. After a big fight, Aiko worries that she will also turn into a witch.

Chapter 11 - Tsubasa saves Aiko by being the first Magical Boy. After that, the friends continue to fight against witches, with Zero on their side.

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