Chaos Ignites: Revelations Arc is the second part of the Chaos Ignites Series. Unlike the Prequel, this Arc only has 8 chapters.


Chapter 1 - A New Beginning - Aiko is a Veteran in witch hunting now and Tsubasa also gets good. But something is wrong with Zero. He didn't wanted to give a answer as of now.

Chapter 2 - Into the Past (Part 1) - This chapter Plays in Zero's view. It's shown how he met Selena and how he found out about magical Girls.

Chapter 3 - Into the Past (Part 2) - After learning about magical Girls, he and Selena get Close friends and almost became a couple. Althrough, Selena's gem was clouded. In the mean time, they meet another magical Girl named Zuki.

Chapter 4 - Into the Past (Part 3) - Selena despairs and turns into a witch, which got defeated by Zuki. She was sad and couldn't believe what happened, same goes for Zero. Zero gives her a promise - To look Forward to better days instead of thinking about the dark past.

Chapter 5 - The Power to Despair - Aiko and Zero came to the conclusion that Tsubasa overuses his power too much. Since they know that he can also turn into a witch in the same way like Jayna did, they try to stop him from doing that.

Chapter 6 - Her Secret - Through a coinsidence, Zero finds out that his mother was a ex-magical Girl, which survived somehow. Not only that, he also has potenial inside of him, Kyubey could possibly ask if he wants to become a magical Boy. In the mean time, Tsubasa didn't listen to Aiko and Zero and overuses his power even more.

Chapter 7 - Nobody knows - Zero doesn't want to tell Aiko and Tsubasa that he is the son of a magical Girl. But it gets worser, because Tsubasa overused his power too much. AIko's worst dreams get real - Tsubasa turns into a witch.

Chapter 8 - A Suprising Step - AIko seems to be too weak alone against her own boyfriend. She was about to die, until suddenly other Magic appears - Zero contracted Kyubey and together, they defeat Tsubasa. Aiko was sad once again, but then she remembered why it has to happen. She gives Tsubasa a last goodbye and moves on, together with Zero.