Soulbound is the seventh chapter of Chaos Ignites: Beginning Arc.

Story Edit

As they fight, Jayna kills a familiar without any regret saying that "this creature has to die". Aiko says that she "hasn't a soul" as fun. On the next day, they bring this "fun thing" up again. Kyubey tells them to not make jokes about that. As Jayna asks him why, Kyubey tells him that the Soul Gem is actually the soul of the contracted girl. Aiko begins to worry about that, while Jayna doesn't worry about that. In the end, they kill another witch, while the Soul Gem of Jayna gets a bit darker, because the Grief Seed's power was just enough for one gem.

Characters Edit

  • Aiko Yuna
  • Jayna Yuna
  • Tsubasa
  • Zero
  • Magical Girls:
  • Aiko Yuna
  • Jayna Yuna
  • Incubators:
  • Kyubey

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