The Truth is the eighth chapter of Chaos Ignites: Beginning Arc.

Story Edit

The Chapter begins where Chapter 7 left off - Jayna's soul gem gets darker. Aiko asks Kyubey, what happens if the Soul Gem gets darker. Jayna jokes around once again and says "that we might turn into a witch". But Kyubey states that as true, to Jayna and Aiko's suprise. Also, Zero heared that and asks them "if they finally found it out". As they ask him why he knows about that, he tells a bit story of his past - His friend which was a Puella Magi, despaired and turned into a witch. He gave her a promise - To look forward to better days instead of thinking about the sad days. As Kyubey asks him, who this friend might be, Zero answers "Selena.". Kyubey remembers Selena and came to the conclusion, that Zero is the friend which she mentioned often.

Characters Edit


  • Aiko Yuna
  • Jayna Yuna
  • Selena (in a flashback)
  • Zero
  • Tsubasa
  • Magical Girls:
  • Aiko Yuna
  • Jayna Yuna
  • Selena (in a flashback)
  • Incubators:
  • Kyubey

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