Chiaki ☆ magica is a PMMM fanseries started by tumblr user kikitatime , the story takes place in Saitama, 6 months before the events of the anime. It's a written story which can be read here and it's currently a work in progress.


Chiaki Suzuki's life radically changed after her first encounter with an Incubator, as she discovered the Puella Magis and the possibility of her biggest wished being granted. In the current time, she's a newbie Puella Magi who is guided by Hiyoko Adachi, a more powerful and experience Puella Magi.

However, Chiaki's vision of Puella Magis is rather idealized as she has never found out the truth. What if, one day, her idealized world falls apart before her own eyes?


Main CharactersEdit

Chiaki SuzukiEdit

Chiaki is a 14 years old who contracted with Kyubey months ago. While she appears as a stubborn yet cheerful girl, she used to be a really lonely person as she was bullied by her classmates and her dad was almost never home, which lead to make her wish of being loved. Chiaki wants to be as powerful as Hiyoko, however, she yet has to learn to use her skills at her full potential. She's unaware of the cruel fate of Puella Magi and she discovers it as the story progresses. Her main weapon is a staff that she uses to beat up enemies.

Hiyoko AdachiEdit

Hiyoko is a 16 years old who made a contract a year ago, which means she's a experienced Puella Magi and as such, she serves as a guide for Chiaki. While she's still young, Hiyoko is very serious and mature for her age, as her vision isn't as idealized as Chiaki, however, she's still unaware of the truth behind Witches. Her dad is a police man and her wish was to save him after he was left injured in the head and almost died from blood loss. Main weapons are guns.

Aoi EnomotoEdit

Aoi is a fifteen years old and veteran Magical Girl. Little is known about her at the moment, though is implied that she and Hiyoko were enemies at some point. Her main weapon is a Claymore.

Tsukasa KawakamiEdit

A younger and less experienced magical girl that met Hiyoko and Chiaki when they helped her to defeat a witch. She just contracted weeks ago with Kyubey and made her wish to save her best friend, Hiyoko, from a terminal illness. She's a bit inmature and clumsy but Tsukasa is a very good girl. Her main weapon is a magic wand.


Miki ShiroganeEdit

A misterious and powerful magical girl who came to Saitama. Known for her aggresive and emotionless behaviour, she inflicts fear and hatred in other magical girls, specially Aoi. Main weapon is mace.

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