Name Claudia
Type Perfection
Nature Vanity
Appears In N/A

Claudia is a fan-made witch, created as a standalone character simply to have fun with. However, having multiple characters to be in Claudia's canon has been considered.

Information Edit

The Witch of Perfection believes that she is a blessing to this world. She is convinced that she is superior to all others, and turns all humans that enter her barrier into her servants, believing that they desire to serve her. She and her familiars believe that those who do not see her as anything but perfection are horrible monsters who should be put to death.

Familiars Edit

Maries Edit

Maries are common servants of Claudia. Their only purpose is to tend to their queen's wants and needs. If they do not sufficiently do their work, then they are punished by execution. Most Maries were humans that were caught in Claudia's barrier.

Clarabelles Edit

Clarabelles are the maids of Claudia. Their job is to find servants for their queen, and to get rid of any danger and filth that dare hurt her.

Annes Edit

Annes are Claudia's housekeepers. All they can focus on is keeping the barrier clean. They are obsessed with cleanliness, and will stop at nothing to get rid of anything that should not be in the barrier. They will often work together with Clarabelles.

Trivia Edit

  • Claudia's barrier is based off of an ornate and fancy mansion, just incredibly messed up.
  • The Annes were made to resemble an inverted Anthony from the PMMM Canon.
  • All of the familiars were made to look like crayon scribbles, to signify that Claudia's perfection is simply an illusion and a figment of her imagination.
  • Before she became a Witch, Claudia wished to be respected and loved. This wish backfired, and a loved one killed themselves to prove their devotion to her. She fell into despair, and became a witch on the very same bridge the previously mentioned loved one drowned themselves.

Gallery Edit


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