Kagari/Kathryn Hinata.

This page highlights the differences between Kagari Hinata from Puella Magi Suzune Magica and Kathryn Hinata from the Magical Molly! Reboot series.


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Kagari Kathryn
Never met or fought any of the other Magical Girls from other Puella Magi franchises. Fought (Magic Gem) or team-up (Dark Orb) with other Magical Girls.
Made a contact with Kyubey. Made a contact with Arstera.
Saddened and enraged after hearing Tsubaki's disappearance.

Became saddened after her father's death, and becaming extremely enraged after Melody becomes a Magical Girl.

Mind-controlled Suzune. Hires Suzune as her mercenary.
Never had any lackeys (Souju Ayase/Luca, and Sasa Yuuki) on her side. Had Ignis, Grace, & Scierra as followers.
Never learned German. Sometimes uses German language to her speeches.
Had a caretaker named Tsubaki Mikoto. Never met Tsubaki since her young age.
Never seen attending school, nor is she ever seen in a school uniform. Sometimes seen wearing a school uniform.
Never seen outside of her magical girl form. Often wears a casual outfit.