This page highlights the differences between Kazumi Subaru from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice and Michelle Kazusa from the Magical Molly! Reboot series.


Note: Michelle's section is applied to the Animated Canon.
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Kazumi Subaru Michelle Kazusa
Wakes up naked inside a large suitcase at the start of the story. Started as a normal young lady.
Was the 13th clone of the original Michiru Kazusa. A human who (forcefully) turned into a Dark Magical Girl.
Never became a waitress/chef of Bistro Tachibana. Became a waitress/chef of Cafe Tachibana.
The name Kazumi comes from Kazusa Michiru's name. Maria developed the nickname.
Gained a human body after making a contact with Kyubey. Still human.
The Pleiades Saints gave her clones fake memories. Brainwashed by the Orb's power after contact.
Gained new powers after making a contact with Kyubey. Never gained any Magic Gem powers.