Sabrina Mickey is a Dark Magical Girl clone from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Dark-Sayaka-Miki-by-q-v (levia)
Dark Sabrina Mickey
is the clone of the original Sabrina Mickey, whose only duty to destroy the original, and the rest of her cohorts.

Compared to her "faker", Dark Sabrina bears 3 negative traits: Hate, Ruthlessness, and Anger. She believed those three traits can help her win many battles, but she doesn't know they're also her weakness in the same time.


Magical Molly! Action Figure Series

  • Dark Sabrina Mickey (2015)
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-SP
    • Accessories: Two cutlasses, two pair of hands

MMAFS Dark Sabrina Mickey is a black repaint of the Sabrina Mickey figure, with a new evil-looking expression. She is an articulated 6-inch figure (which is scaled closer to Banpresto's DX figures) similar to Microman Arts series.

She was also released in Japan's selected Hobby Shops under the title "Black Sabrina Mickey", limited to 2000 pieces.


  • Dark Sabrina Mickey's traits is a nod of Sayaka's deep despair in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • So far Dark Sabrina Mickey is the first toy-only character in the series.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: ブラック・サブリナ・ミッキー (Burakku Saburina Mikkī)