Destroyer of Worlds is the 18th Episode of Journey Through The Decade.


to be added

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Puella Magi
    • Shirakami Shimatsu
    • Akime Homura (Later decreased)
    • Marie Tomoe (spirit)
    • Sayuki Miki (Spirit)
    • Sakura Kyouko (AR World) (Decreased)
  • Dark Puella Magi
    • Kagami Madoka (Later died)

Powers used by ShirakamiEdit

  • Yellow form
  • Purple form
  • Violent Emotion
  • Shining Light form


  • First & Only appearance of Shirakami's Violent Emotion.
  • Final appearance of Kagami Madoka & Akime Homura.
  • Kagami Madoka's dark form's rise is similar to Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising ultimate.

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