Set in an alternate universe, Inori Yukino is a magical girl who wishes to stop the evil Witch Kriemheld Gretchen from destroying the universe. The story itself is almost the same as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but with many roles reversed.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Lorelei Higure/Walpurgisnacht Edit

Lorelei is the alternate counterpart to Madoka Kaname. She is very meek but likes to laugh a lot. Her wish was to save the universe from any threat, which turned her into a powerful magical girl. Her witch form is Walprugisnacht.

Nagisa Momoe/Charlotte Edit

Nagisa Momoe is the alternate counterpart of Mami Tomoe. She is a magical girl who's wish was to eat cheesecake with her dying mother. Her witch form is Charlotte, a monstrous form that is immensely powerful.

Hana Kaigano/Gertrud Edit

The alternate counterpart of Kyoko Sakura. She has a distinct dislike for dirt and her wish was to marry the perfect man. Her witch form is Gertrud, the plant witch.

Kirsten Hiragi Edit

The counterpart of Sayaka Miki and is has the ability to see memories. Her wish was to forget her siblings' death on Christmas and her witch form is Elly the box witch.

Inori Yukino Edit

The counterpart of Homura Akemi and very secretive. It is revealed that she is actually a time-traveler magical girl, who is intent on destroying Walpurgisnacht. When she finds out Walpurgisnacht is actually Lorelei, she turns into a witch named Elsa Maria.

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