Not to be confused with Riz Hawkwood, her original PMTM counterpart. Or are you looking for her (Non-Canon) Magical Molly! Shorts counterpart?


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Rize/Elizabeth Visconti is a Kajiurian appearing from the Defenders portion of the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Elizabeth Visconti

Rize of Kajiuria

Age Presumably 30 K.A.
Color theme Black
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Orange
Race Kajiurian
Appears in Main/Supporting:
  • Magical Defenders
Rize is a female Kajiurian who specializes in melee combat. She doesn't speak much though.

While scouting on Earth, she adopts the name Elizabeth Visconti. Despite her cold & emotionless persona, Elizabeth actually has a compassionate personality inside her, which she helds back until the right timing comes. She is also not fond to long-range combat styles.



  • Transformable Daggers - Elizabeth possesses four Kunai-shaped Daggers, which is used as a melee weapon. The daggers also can transform into any melee weapon: Sword, Spears, Whips and Scythes, depending on the tactical advantage each form might bring to the battle.


  • Stealth


  • Protective Cloak - In battle form, Rize can deploy a magic-empowered cloak which can protect herself from enemy attacks. Due to the cloak's limited protection, Excessive damage can destroy the cloak.


  • Voice Actors:
    • Kelly Sheridan (English)
    • Fukuhara Ayaka (Japanese)
  • Elizabeth is one of the three Defenders' characters to appear in the 2016 Update for Magical Molly! THE GAME.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: エリザベス・ビスコンティ (Erizabesu Bisukonti), カジウラ星のリゼ (Kajiuria sei no Rize)