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Erika Abbey
Name Erika Abbey
Age 14
Soul Gem Pink
Contract Wish To defeat any witch
Weapon Katana
Wish-Related Abilities To beat any witch upon physical impact
Birthday September 16th
Zodiac Virgo
Height 5'2 (157 cm)
Weight 121 lb (54 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type A
Allies Yukari Ichigo, Mamoru Naoki
Appears In "Puella Magi Kiyone Magica"
Erika Abbey (エリカ・アビー; Erika Abī) is the viewpoint character and main protagonist of "Puella Magi Kiyone Magica".


Erika was a second generation Japanese-American living in the States. However when she was around seven, her family relocated to the small town of Tengekawa, Japan. After a few years felt accustomed to her culture even if she still felt bullied for being a half. Aside from that though, her life was normal until she met Kiyone Aika and later Kyuubey who offered her a contract. Intrigued by Kiyone's seemingly amazing life, she considered making a contract until she was stopped by another Magical Girl named Nozomi who begged her not to make the wish due to her telling her the truth about them and Witches. However she wanted to take that risk anyway, but decided to use her wish to "as a loophole as to be invincible and with the idea that she'll never become a Witch.


Erika is a plain girl (or as plain as you can be in anime) of average height with brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. Her Magical Girl outfit consist of a blue and red sailor dress with zetta ryoiki and black Mary Jane-esque boots.


Erika is rather shy and has low self esteem, believing that prior to her contract she was not special and was motivated by that goal to be special. She gained more self-confidence during Witch Hunts ,but sometimes this causes her to become too confident to the point of arrogance.




Because of her loophole wish, she is able to defeat Witches practically by walking in. While this has earned scorn from others for her unfair advantage, this has proven to be effective against absurdly powerful witches. Her weapon is a katana to carry on her Japanese-theme.


  • While her surname is spelled differently, it was chosen to carry on the theme of characters in the franchise having two first names.
  • Erika is often translated from Norse as "ever powerful" and while traditionally Western it can be a Japanese name as well.
  • Her Magical Girl design and weapon were chosen to have a more Japanese feel as the former was inspired by traditional sailor uniforms in Japanese schools.