フェイ Faye
Name Faye
Type Warlock of Florals
Nature Lovely
Appears In Faye The Warlock of Florals

But Nobody Came -- Faye appears Chapter 7

Sans! Really?...of..Faye -- Sans Talks Warlock Faye

Faye is the Witch form of Gammy Miluna,Was Despaired in Chapter 7 of Faye The Warlock of Florals before appearing in Gammy.


The Warlock of Florals with an Lovely nature She Flowey the Florals and Frames Flowery Says OMG You What's Steals Paintings? Flowey Loves Harem Alice Frame Alice Says FAYE!?!? NO! My Paint... Lovely Terrain in Later Thea and Alice Later.. Flora & Flowers Loves Hopes in A Modern and Flims Art Crocauses Belly Dancer Paintings is Determined My Dori Bee a Thorned by Artist After Death



Warlock of Florals's Minion Duty as Artist Loves Painting A Drawing the Frames


Warlock of Florals's Minion Duty as Making a Veil Hope is Flora a Harem Painting


Warlock of Florals's Minion Duty as Heals Disease Can All Cures Poison and Cures Cold

Vera + Kate

Warlock of Florals's Minion Duty as Gardening Can Flower and Making Aloe Kate Make a Belly Dancer Painting Can Drawing


Harem Girl Costume Floral Paintings and Giclee Printings

  • Faye Says: KSENIA...?
  • Faye Similars: Charlotte and Ophelia'Pyotr
  • Faye Unnamed Minion (Aka 8-Bit Rose)
  • Faye Was Killed by Mami Tomoe Tiro Finale in FAYE


Paper Rose on Lands

Pink Paintbrushes

Sticker Thorns

Sticker Roses

Light Blue Shields

Face on Petunias