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Figma Magical Molly! Series is a series of (expensive) action figure aimed for collectors, manufacturered by Max Factory. The figure line would not interfere with the current figma line.

The first five figmas are re-released from first Madoka Magica figmas, only with new packaging and some new parts. The next ones are completely new molds.

Most of the figures were released in selected hobby shops &, while the rest of the new ones were merely released as exclusives in Japan.

List of figuresEdit

Italics are re-released figmas, while bold texts are new molds. First run of the first 5 figmas will include extra faceplates from their civilian counterparts.

  1. Molly Kelley (rerelease of Figma #110 with new fire effect for bow)
  2. Hilda Adams (rerelease of Figma #115 with weapons from EX-009)
  3. Maria Thompson (rerelease of Figma #118 with Tiro Finale cannon)
  4. Sabrina Mickey (rerelease of Figma #124 with ???)
  5. Kacey Stevens (Rerelease of Figma #128 with hand parts from #190)
  6. Michelle Kazusa
  7. Kristen Magaret with Spellcaster Monica (2-pack)

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