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ゲミー Gemii
Gammy Homestuck
Alias(es)The Luminous Jester
SeasonLolita Pop
Eye ColorCyan
Hair ColorViolet
BirthdateJanuary 9th
Alter EgoTwinkling Capricorn
Theme ColorViolet

Gammy is one of the trolls of Lolita Pop. She is titled as The Luminous Jester (明るいピエロ Akarui Piero?).


Gammy is very curious and silly, and throughly the tackiest of the group.


Gammy is a gray-skinned girl with cyan blue eyes and violet hair that is tied into large upper pigtails.

Twinkling CapricornEdit


  • Gammy is the female counterpart of Gamzee Makara from the Homestuck series.
    • Also, Gammy literally was named first before Gamzee.
  • Like all twelve trolls, Gammy is the tenth reference of the Zodiac symbols. Her symbol is Capricorn, thus her Puella Magi alter ego and the violet-colored symbol.
  • Although Gammy likes vegetables, she have a dismay of onions and scallions (green onions), listed as her dislikes.
  • Gammy's Homestuck version is almost identical to Nepeta Leijon's, as of the face.
  • Gammy shares the personalities of her original male counterpart, Gamzee Makara:
    • Both have violet as their theme colors.
    • Both have a favor to say "HONK!"
    • Both reached their destinations to become supernaturals (God Tier/Puella Magi).
  • There are some differences to both Capricorn characters:
    • Gamzee constantly says "MoThErF***", when Gammy does not like to curse, so she constantly says "fwee~!"
    • Gamzee can be the troll antagonist of Act 5 Part 2, but Gammy remains to be the troll protagonist.

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