Hana as a magical girl.

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Hana is a magical girl of Mitakihara city. She was contracted on the date of March 1st 2010. She is a magical girl who has a sister named Hama.


Hana is a magical girl who has yellow eyes and long blue hair. Although she usually wears her hair up, in magical girl form she wears it down. She has a red soul gem and a beautiful gray dress with lots of Purple on it. Her Magical Girl form is centered around the flower Cynthia Selah Blue.


Hana is very quiet and shy. She can be very strong minded sometimes, and at other times she can be scared of everything. People often flat out disrespect her and it hurts her but she is too shy to do anything about it. Sometimes she complains about being lazy. Hana is very artistic and is a good friend to have.






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