Hanazono Karin
花園 かりん Hanazono Karin
Dark Goddess Karin
SeasonLolita Pop
Eye ColorGreen (Kamichama Karin), Red (Lolita Pop)
Hair ColorYellow
BirthdateSeptember 26th
First AppearanceMovie
Alter EgoDark Goddess
Theme ColorBlack (main)

Karin is the main antagonist of Lolita Pop.


Early LifeEdit

Karin was once a Puella Magi as a basic-trained goddess who weakly uses the power of light. She doesn't remember how to control magic as she failed the test. Later on, Karin's heart was impure as she wished to conquer areas of Star World by Kyubey's contract. Her wish affected her envy and wrath and darkened Puellaland and the rest of the areas of Star World, and drastically becomes a Dark Witch.



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