Heroines of Mitakihara is a series of PVC figures that closely resemble characters from various Magical Molly! Reboot series. Manufactured by TakaraTomy Arts and distributed by Hasbro Marketing, the figures were sold on blister cards, and includes a collector card (illustrated by Takahiro Kishida) depicting the character in each figure.

List of figures releasedEdit

The figure's wave were released as volumes instead.

Volume 1Edit

  • Molly Kelley (Magical Girl)
  • Hilda Adams (Magical Girl)
  • Maria "Mary" Thompson (Magical Girl)
  • Sabrina Mickey (Magical Girl)
  • Kacey Stevens (Magical Girl)

Volume 2Edit

  • Hyde Anderson
  • Michelle Kazusa (Magical Girl)
  • Kristen Magaret (Magical Girl)
  • Spellcaster Monica (Magical Girl)
  • Molly Kelley Clear Ver. (Rare, only 100 pieces made)

Volume 3Edit

  • The White Witch
  • Yuuri Asuka (Magical Girl)
  • Jinna Asumi (Magical Girl)
  • Ignis (Magical Girl)
  • Grace (Magical Girl)

Volume 4Edit

  • Lila-Ritter Hilda Adams
  • Christina Shion (Magical Girl)
  • Alice Nachelle (Magical Girl)
  • Melody Hinata (Magical Girl)
  • Kyra Kanade (Magical Girl)

Volume 5Edit

  • Olivia Mikuni (Magical Girl)
  • Katie K. Kure (Magical Girl)
  • Raven (Half-Witch)
  • ???
  • ???


  • Heroines of Mitakihara is obviously an homage/throwback to Takara/Hasbro's Heroes of Cybertron toyline.
  • As Hyde is the only male character released as part of the figure line, The title "Heroines of Miktakihara" is somehow rendered meaningless. If there's more male characters released in this toyline, where's the "Heroes of Mitakihara" then?

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