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Homrue is a Kajiurian from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Homrue of Kajiuria
Color theme Purple/Violet
Height 165cm (Defenders)
Hair Color Indigo
Eye Color Purple
Race Kajiurian
Allies Morianna


Appears in Supporting:

One of the Kajiurians who formerly worked with the corrupt organization on Kajiuria [1], Homrue is one of the Kajiurians who escaped to Earth, along with Mikael, Morianna, and Charla. As an intellect of the crew, Homrue provides information for her Kajiurian allies, which they (quietly) scout on Earth. Other than being an intellect, she is also the lone medic, developer, and scientist.

As she was once a member of the corrupt organization, Homrue possesses a sadistic and playfully cruel persona, making her similar to a villainess. Despite her great loyalty to the organization, Homrue turns out that she's playing a scheming long-game: to crumble & destroy the organization. Homrue still retained her basic morals, and is a kind and caring person deep down in her heart. As her allies are not around, she occasionally showed several concerns to her crew's safety.

Before the organization was disbanded, Homrue backed up the Kajiurian Gems' data under Arstera's request, which was used to modify Kajiurians without Magic within them (for example, Charla). However, before she decided to destroy it, She heard that Arstera had created Witches and Demons on Earth to assimilate humanity, she had no choice to use the data and construct new gems to turn human females into what humans called "Magical Girls" to counterattack against the creatures, with Morianna and Mikael serving as "Contactors".

Other than being a loner of the ship, Homrue sometimes engages in combat, providing cover for her allies.

Many years later, Homrue became a member of the Kajiuria Defense Group's 4th Squadron, under the surveillance of Seria in case Homrue (potentially) plays a scheming long-game.

She somehow looks like Hilda Adams of Earth, but with violet hair and earrings.

"All of those human girls with Kajiurian systems within them...if they had a name, they're called "Magical Girls", isn't it?"


  • Intellect - Homrue possesses an IQ range between 135 to 145.
  • Strategic thinking

Although not seen, Homrue possesses several abilities thanks to her training at the organization:

  • Combat
  • Marksmanship
  • Melee combat


  • Voice Actor:
    • Cristina Valenzuela (English)
    • Chiwa Saito (Japanese)
  • Motto: My cruelty will never consume my morals.
  • Homrue's name is a wordplay of "Homura".
  • Homrue's earrings were loosely inspired by Akuma Homura's rings.
  • According to the producer, Homrue was Bi, as she have genuine feelings to both Morianna & Mikael.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: カジウラ星のホムルエ (Kajiuria sei no Homurue)


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