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After The Rebellion Story, do you have a sudden urge to call Homura a villain? or think that she became an evil satan for no reason at all? The answer is: Homura did nothing wrong.

The truth is: She is trying to rewrite the universe (thus becoming Akuma Homura) while enslaving the Incubator race, and make everyone happy, although she will become Madoka's enemy someday.

And thus she has done nothing wrong if you truly understand her feelings.


Magical Molly! Reboot SeriesEdit

  • Before Yuuri fired her finisher to Hilda (as part of her revenge for Annie Airi), Molly tried to defend her, and declared that she had done nothing wrong, much to Yuuri's chagrin. In reality, Hilda didn't meant to kill Airi. Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION
  • Another Hilda Adams clone is created by Kathryn, attempting to masquerade and frame her identity...until a fight between the real Hilda and the clone came, and Hilda ummasks her true identity in front of her comrades. Magical Molly! Shorts

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