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Hyde Anderson is a Human from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Hyde Anderson
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Name Hyde Anderson
Alias Molly's childhood friend, Punching Bag (by Kacey), Papa (by Helena Kelley)
Age 15-16 (Pre-Defenders)

31 (Post-Defenders)

Weapon Various weapons given by Hilda (mostly a Shotgun)
Height 175cm
Hair Color Black/Purple
Eye Color Purple
Race Human
Allies Family:
  • Molly Kelley (childhood friend/future wife)
  • Helena Kelley (Daughter)

Anderson Family:

  • Hilda Adams (Sister)
  • Marina Anderson (Mother)
  • Steve Anderson (Father)


Affiliation Team Quintet
Appears in Supporting/Main:
  • Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION
  • Magical Molly! Shorts
  • Magical Molly! THE GAME (also playable)
  • Magical Defenders

A brother of Hilda Adams & Molly's Childhood friend (or fiancee), Hyde Anderson was Molly's childhood friend before his departure to study overseas in Hoozuki (and he returns to Mitakihara many years later). Until one day, he was dragged to a Magical Girl's warfield, making one of the civilians to be the part of the team. But don't worry, he ain't a coward to shoot down (with Hilda's various weapons, like a shotgun.) those minions. He's also Kacey Stevens' "Training tool" (or mostly her constant victim, until he backfires to her), until she grew some feelings to him.

Apart from having a fiancee, he also had another girlfriend: Kanami, which is also another one of Hyde's childhood girlfriend (which is also his study partner). Unfortunately for her: during a battle with a Witch, Kanami had sacraficed her life for saving Hyde. After he had learned about Kanami's sacrafice, and Molly's (including her sister's) alter ego, he became deeply enraged & depressed, and he decided to leave them alone for now. After Hyde had made his decision, he currently aids Team Quintet, including her sister, & her fiancee.

He doesn't usually talk with his sister, but he still deeply cares about her.

"No matter how hard you mourn, they won't come back to life."
―Hyde Anderson


  • Close Combat - Hyde possesses a fighting style, which is a street fighting and martial arts mix.
  • Kajiuria System - Because of him wearing Kanami's Gem as his necklace and the Gem's system only half-assimilated him, he was gifted with some abilities:
    1. Telepathy.
    2. Endurance.
    3. Healing.
    4. Slightly enhanced agility for evasion.
    5. Enchanced shooting.

Despite all of this, Hyde does not have his own costume, and his magic ability is not entirely powerful compared to other Magical Girls.


  • Combat Shotgun - Burrowed from Hilda, which is modelled from the Remington Model 870.
  • Knife - Hyde can summon Combat Knives which is suited for close-range combat. The weapons are the same ones that Kanami owns. Based on Kajiuria's Gladia-type melee weapons.


  • Voice Actor:
    • Troy Baker (English, Magical Molly! Reboot (pre-Defenders), Video Games), Kirby Morrow (Defenders)
    • Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese, All Media)
  • Appearance-wise, Hyde is based on a gender-bent Akemi Homura.
  • His phone's ringtone a a remix of ClariS' Luminous.
  • He had similarities to Souichirou Tachibana from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica:
    • He is one of the male characters who were important for the story.
  • His seat position is Row 4, Seat B, which references Raku's (Which Kouki shared his VA with) seat position in Nisekoi. Don't even expect him to switch to Row 3, Seat F anytime soon.
  • According to the series' producer, he officially claims that Hyde is not going to be a harem king (despite his interaction to other girls), since he had a childhood girlfriend/fiancee.[1]
    • In one of the Episodes, Melody rejects her romantic relationship to Hyde (but they still can be allies), since she doesn't want him to cheat (& hurt) Molly.
  • Hyde's actions for saving his Magical girl allies is assumed to be a nod to the protagonist's actions in the fangame HomuPlus.
  • Male-homu-by-kuragemodoki


    Hyde's appearance might have been based on a fanart (pictured from the right) by Kuragemodoki. (His appearance is based one the left side, NOT the right side)
  • Malehomu-and-mado-by-yuuna

    Molly X Hyde

    During his relationship with Molly, he had several references to Homura's love for Madoka in the original series.
  • He was first depicted to have pure black hair, but the final artwork depicts him some several shades of Purple.
  • Yuri Lowenthal is originally considered for Hyde's English voice. He was choosen to play Kyle Knowles' adult voice instead.
  • Hyde's English voice is reminiscent to Delsin Rowe from Infamous: Second Son, Rhys in Borderlands, which Troy Baker had previously voiced.
  • In the 2015 Halloween update, Hyde wears a werewolf-themed outfit, complete with fake werewolf claws, fangs, and a pair of wolf ears. And they're blue-colored. This sounds familiar.Magical Molly! THE GAME Don't even expect him to dress up like a clown so soon.
  • Hyde Anderson is one of the characters whose voice actor does not reprise his role in the sequel .

Foreign namesEdit

  • Japanese: ハイド·アンダーソン (Haido· andāson)


    1. Due to the fact that the author doesn't want any cliched harem stuff in this reboot.

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