NOTE: This page is purely fanon material. I recommend you not to take this seriously.

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S./TOMYEdit

Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Hyde Anderson (2015)
    • Japanese ID Number:MM-09
    • Accessories: Enchanted firearm, two pairs of hands

Part of the A half-way wave of the Magical Molly! Action Figure Series lineup, MMAFS Hyde Anderson is an articulated 6-inch figure (which is scaled closer to Banpresto's DX figures) similar to Microman Arts series.

Originally a limited release, This figure saw release as general mass retail.

Good Smile CompanyEdit

1/8 Scale FigureEdit

  • Hyde Anderson (2015)
    • Accessories: 2 spare arms with alternate hands, enchanted firearm

This 1/8 scale figure of Hyde Anderson, manufactured by Good Smile Company, is scaled with the other 1/8 Madoka Magica PVC figures.

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