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Name Izanami
Type Scribe
Nature Denial
Appears In Puella Magi ☆ Mary Sue Magica

Izanami is the Witch form of Jayne White, born after Niji Akemi's Grief Seed became corrupt.


The Scribe Witch with denial nature. She does not believe that she is a Witch. Rather she thinks that a group of Magical Girls are still fighting the real Witch of tha Labyrinth. In reality, she orders them to attack anybody in the Labyritnth as she writes down her delusional accounts of their battles.




The Scribe Witch's minon, whose duty is to lead the Tomoko Dolls. She used to fight plenty of Witches outside of the current Labyrinth ,but now she won't stop until she defeats the Witch inside.


Tomoko Dolls

The Scribe Witch's minons, whose duty is to hunt down "Witches". Unlike their leader, Natsume, they don't have their own names ,but they are still happy to serve. It's said that they resemble several Magical Girls that had become Witches.



The Scribe Witch's minons, whose duty is to be the cavalry. When all hope seems lost, they are there to rescue the Tomoko Dolls from danger. They were created in the images of the Scribe Witch's idols.



  • Unlike other Witches, their names are in Japanese to refrence that Jayne White was a Weeaboo before becoming a Witch
  • Izanami is named "Izanami-no-Mitoko" a Shinto goddess of creation and death. According to Shinto's creation myth, she and her brother/husband created the islands of Japan using a Heavenly Spear and the Floating Bridge of Heaven is said to be a rainbow. However Izanami was eventually sent to Yomi, the shadowy land of death, and eventually became one with it.
  • Natsume is named afterSabrina'sJapanese name from Pokemon. In the anime version, she has a doll that talks for her while her real body just stands there in silence.
  • Tomoko in Japanese means "friendly child"
  • Hiro is a pun on the English word "hero".

Other Facts

  • Izanami is based off of fan fic writers (hence why her computer is on Deviantart and Fan Ficition dot Net) and her Labyrinth is based off of a stereotypical Otaku's bedroom..
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    Niji's comment

    Her delusions were further confirmed on Niji's YouTube account as she described the events described in the "Mary Sue Magica in a nutshell" video as false.But it is possible that the account belongs to Jayne White after the events of the story.
  • They were originally gonna be called "Chika", which means "scattered flowers".
  • The Tomokos are intnetional rip-offs of the Clara Dolls from Rebellion.
  • Originally the Hiro that attacked Homura was gonna be Vash from Trigun. But to foreshadow (no pun intended) a possible prequel series, Vash was changed to Naruto Uzumaki.