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Jayne White
ジェイン·ワイト Jein· Waito
Alias(es)Niji Akemi
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Brown
BirthdateBetween 1998-2001, depending on when PMMSM takes place
RelativesUnnamed Mother

Jayne White was an ordinary teenage girl living in an unnamed town in America who would later become the infamous Niji Akemi in Magical Girl form.


Before the start of the fan fiction, she was a Weeaboo who was super obsessed with anime and was very active in her school's anime club with her friend Katie. One day, she recommended Puella Magi Madoka Magica to her and was instantly hooked two episodes in. However, when she noticed that Katie was glum when seeing her at Hot Topic, she replied that she saw Episode 3. At first she was confused until seeing Mami's death. She got more and more depressed until the ending, and vowed that she'll fix everything somehow. Then Kyubey offered to make her wish come through a contract, which Jayne was unsure of first. But she decided to accept his offer to show Homura what a true, selfless wish was. However after Madoka erased all Witches, she restored all the Mary Sues including Jayne into their original, human selves. Jayne has no memory about her life as Niji Akemi other than a vague memory on what she looked like


  • Her name is a pun on the phrase "plain Jane".
  • She based Niji's apperance off of Moemura because she thought of her as Homura's "innocent form". Hence why Homura's Tomoko Doll resembles her.

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