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The Kajiurian Clones are new experiments created by Arstella. The clones were duplicated from various dead bodies of young human girls, and they were injected with Dark Orb's Magic, bringing them to life, and turned them into Dark Magical Girls as well. The clones can be also made from traces of blood samples from live human females.

Known clones are:

Note: * = Made from corpses ** = Made from blood samples

Unlike natural Kajiurians, they cannot age.


  • The clone's lack of ability to age is a nod to the original Puella Magis, which their human shells cannot age due to their soul being placed inside a Soul Gem.
  • According to one of Arstella's files, The clones are originally titled as "New Kajiurian (ニウ・カジウリアン)"

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