Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plotlines described in the Fanon series. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled. We warned you, seriously.

Kenko Tsukino
Age 13-14
Contract Wish To free her brother from his drug addiction
Wish-Related Abilities To cleanse the minds of others
Allies Niji Akemi
Appears In Mary Sue and Kenko Magica

Kenko Tsukino (月野 けんこ) is a minor character in Puella Magi Mary Sue Magica, whose story was told in a one-shot Halloween spin-off.


Puella Magi ☆ Kenko MagicaEdit

Her backstory is explained here, from when she first made the contract up until her death after becoming Nellie.

Puella Magi ☆ Mary Sue MagicaEdit

She and Nellie had indirect mentions in Chapter 2 and 5 respectively before appearing in a flashback in Chapter 11.

Trivia Edit

Etymology Edit

  • Her name in kanji can be interpreted as 健康, the Japanese word for "healthy". Her surname means "moon field". The moon is often associated with madness, hence the word lunacy.
  • It is also the surname of Usagi, the protagonist in Sailor Moon

Fun FactsEdit

  • I chose red because of it's association with medicine (such as the red cross) and because purple on this Wiki was too hard to see. Even though I didn't think of her looks until writing this page.

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