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Kiyone Aika
Name Kiyone Aika
Age 14
Soul Gem Dark Red
Contract Wish Unknown
Weapon Throwing Axe
Wish-Related Abilities Unknown
Birthday November 1st
Zodiac Scorpio
Height 4"4 (132 cm)
Weight 65 lb (29 kg)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Blood Type O
Appears In "Puella Magi Kiyone Magica"
Kiyone Aika (藍香 キヨネ; Aika Kiyone) is the titular character of the upcoming "Puella Magi Kiyone Magica".


Kiyone's background is currently unknown since very few, living Puella Magi knew much about her personal life. However some have noticed a dramatic personality change as she was shy and timid before she suddenly gained more confident and arrogant out of the blue. What's worse is that a majority of those who did were killed under mysterious circumstances and their bodies were lost in a Witch's labyrinth. So Kiyone has an aura that is not only mysterious ,but suspicious.


Kiyone is a short girl with flowing white hair and red eyes. Her magical girl outfit consists of a black, frilly Lolita dress with a red trim and decorated with red hearts on the trim. What's unique is that no one has seen her in civilian form as they are unable to locate her and she disappears before anyone can see her revert to it. This has led to many people becoming suspicious as a result.


While seeming cheerful and childish, she’s also pretty competitive and unwilling to trust others. As her childishness makes her playful ,but also pretty selfish and impulsive. She is very focused on tasks and only gets distracted when confronted with a really bad situation.



Abilities and Weapons

While she does have a throwing axe, her unique abilities are not known. Not helped that her wish is also unknown and usually abilities are directly connected to wishes.


  • Her surname translates to "indigo incense".
  • She was intentionally designed like a humanoid Kyubuy.