This article is about a character outside from the Madoka franchise.
Kosaki Onodera
(小野寺 小咲, Onodera Kosaki) is a shy girl who had a crush on Raku Ichijou, the boy who possesses the pendant which can be unlocked by one of the keys (Onodera has one.).

She also has a younger sister named Haru.


  • In the Nisekoi spinoff titled Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan, Onodera's Magical Girl outfit shares several inspirations from Madoka Kaname's outfits (especially the trademark frilly skirt).
  • Her Voice Actresses:
    • Hisako Kanemoto, which provides the Japanese voice of Melody Hinata from the Magical Molly! Reboot series.
      • Melody also shares very little traits (caring and discreet) from Onodera.
    • Kana Hanazawa, which also provides the Japanese voices of The Sisters: Ignis and Grace, & Alice from Clara✩Alice from the same series above.
  • In Magical Molly! THE GAME, A broken pair of glasses can be seen in an area. It might have been belonged to her.

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