"With kindness comes naivety. Courage becomes foolhardiness. And dedication has no reward. If you can't accept any of that, then you are not fit to be a magical girl."

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Kriemhild Gretchen
Card Kriemhild
Type Salvation
Nature Mercy

Kriemhild Gretchen is the Witch form of Madoka Kaname, appearing in several timelines in Episode 10. This witch is literally impossible to defeat since you have to remove all the sorrow in the world so she'll believe that it's already Heaven.

Fanfiction Appearances Edit

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Anastasia's Magical WishEdit

After being killed by a witch named Beatrice at the end of Episode 3 of Season 2 , Madoka (SOMEHOW) turns into her Witch form along with SayakaChristine and Courtney. She is then (SOMEHOW!!!) killed in the next episode by the remaining Magical Girls.

Disclaimer: This section was added by Lenfield and not the author . I might have made a 3-part rant about this fan fic, but I'd figure it should be mentioned anyway.

Puella Magi ☆ Mary Sue MagicaEdit

Kriemhild Gretchen is first mentioned in the climax, as the Tomoko Dolls refer to the real Madoka Kaname as "Gretchen-chan". She then briefly transforms into her in the epilouge before Homura restarted the timeline again.


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