All: ok lets do our best after they defeat the witch they went to the cafe. Rika: you did really good with your fighting satomi. Satomi: thanks rika. Chiziru: HEY WHAT ABOUT ME . Rika: dont raise your voice like that your gonna attract attention .Chiziru: fine but what about me. Rika: you were good too .Muki:chiziru i think you did awsome.Chiziru: thanks . Yuki: you guys stop you all did awsome ok.Rika Muki an Chiziru: ok we stop.Satomi: any way being a puella magi is not about fun an game.Rika: when are we having are next fight. Chiziru: satomi why are acting so serious .Satomi: im not it just i met this girl who was a magical girl. the next day she was gone.Muki: oh my look at the time i have to meet a freind somewhere.Yuki: ok bye.Satomi: i have to go home its supper time. Chiziru: i will walk with you . Satomi: no no its ok bye.Chiziru: oh ok bye .Satomi: sigh im kinda getting tired of her.???: oh really well let me take care of her the on saterday she wont be bugging you the on that day in the after noon. Satomi: thanks big sis:???: heh no prob

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