A list of (fanon) locations in their respective Puella Magi Fanons.

Lolita Pop LocationsEdit

  • Flora-Flower
  • Gravitalis-Gravity
  • Glacies-Ice
  • Fuego-Fire
  • Aqua-Water
  • Vou-Mind
  • Orage-Storm
  • Brise-Breeze
  • Rocio-Dew
  • Licht-Light
  • Duister-Darkness

​Magical Molly! Reboot ContinuityEdit

  • Mitakihara (Magical Molly! Reboot)
  • Kasamino (Magical Molly! Reboot
  • Hoozuki (Magical Molly! Reboot)
  • Planet Kajiuria 

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