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Name Lylia
Age 30 K.A.
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Orange
Race Kajiurian
Home World Kajiuria
Affiliation Kajiuria Defense Group
Appears in Magical Defenders


Lylia is used to be a naive young Kajiurian. A member of Kitt's group, Lylia loyally follows her leader to no end. After Kitt's & the other member's death, she became the lone survivor of the team, not without doing one unspecified deed to save her home world, and losing her right arm in the process, although the Kajiurians praised Seria instead of her, much of Lylia's great anger, to the point where she threw away her past life.

Decades later, she became one of the members of the Kajiuria Defense Group. Unlike Seria, Lylia poorly treats the members, and sometimes, she prefers to let her wounded teammates to die from the battlefield if necessary, so they will make room for newbies.

However, Lylia, hates Seria's idealism for greatly valuing her own comrades, and seeing some humans as equals, as opposed to her treating them as chess pieces/decoys if necessary. As Lylia grew angrier to Seria's naive actions, She will (quietly) do anything to overthrow her, even go to extremes.


  • Prosthetic right arm - Lylia wears a prosthetic right arm, replacing her old limb lost in her previous battle. Lylia still can channel magic with the said arm.


  • Voice Actor:
    • Tomatsu Haruka (Japanese)
    • ??? (English)
  • Lylia's Japanese VA, Tomatsu Haruka:
    • also voiced Alice Nachelle.
    • Had worked with fellow VA Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who voiced Kitt, in the Sword Art Online series as Asuna and Kirito respectively.


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