Madoka Magicis Puella is an alternate universe fan fiction created by Mew Amelia. It is based on her first thoughts of what Madoka Magica was.


Madoka Kaname is a girl with a wish: to do something worthwhile!

But she and her friends, Sayaka and Mami, discover something crazy...They can turn into magical girls!

Now they must fight evil things called witches, or they'll be trapped in a dimensional world forever!


Madoka Kaname is an ordinary girl. But when she and her friends are out being girls, they find that Madoka's cat Kyuubi is actually a magical familiar! Kyuubi, now called Kyubey, says he can grant them tremendous power for eternity if they take a test.

Mami takes the bait first. She takes a magical object called a Soul Gem and transforms with it as Madoka and Sayaka look on.

She manages to defeat the first round of Witches.

Sayaka becomes a magical girl next. She easily defeats a witch, but is suddenly stopped by a mysterious girl named Kyoko.

Kyoko explains that there are better ways to spend life than being trapped, fighting witches for all of eternity.


  • Madoka Kaname
  • Mami Tomoe
  • Sayaka Miki
  • Sakura Kyouko
  • Kyuubi