Madoka of the Magus is a book from the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Madoka of the Magus
is the name of the novel written by Gen the Butcher, and supervised by Aki Shin. The novel features a young female protagonist and her friend, who had approached by one of the messengers of magic, and the other magical girl, with an offering to become one of them. However, the black-haired girl tries to prevent the two girls to make such a deal.

Although the series looks like another ordinary child-friendly Magical Girl series, but the novels hides a dark secret: the story gets nihilistic & brooding, showing the dark side of being a Magical Girls, and their systems.

Due to the novel's success, it was re-released as a "Best Buy" for several book shops. Several years later, a third volume is released.

On the other word, the characters on this story seems VERY familiar.

Decades later, a mock-buster movie was created loosely based on the book: Revenge of the Incubators.


  • The (story within a story) novel series is obviously a fictionalized version of thr real-life anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Known fans are Nicole Kanna and Saya.
  • The novel being popular is a heavy reference to the original series' popularity.
  • The book was released in the year 2011, right before Molly's time and also a reference on when Madoka Magica was created.