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After her teammates disappeared, Hilda Adams was forced to fight against Arstera's final plan alone, while another Magical Girl, comes to aid her in battle, and to find her cohorts back. As Sceirra had fed up for being treated like a worthless cannon fodder, she decides to kill the leader to take her place. Hilda also slowly learns Arstera's intentions.


Magical GirlsEdit

  • Hilda Adams
  • Hilary
  • Molly Kelley
  • Maria Thompson
  • Sabrina Mickey
  • Kacey Stevens


  • Hyde Anderson
  • Raven/Maia Haruka


  • Arstera of Kajiuria
  • Kathryn Hinata
  • Scierra Yuuki
  • The Sisters
    • Ignis
    • Grace


  • Rating: PG-13
  • Dark Seeds used:
    • Regular: N/A
    • SP: Scierra Yuuki
  • This film was the last theatical Magical Molly! Reboot movie released.

Continuity NotesEdit

  • The film takes place after the final episode of Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION Season 2: "(Not) The Final Battle".
  • Hilary reveals herself to be a Magical Girl, as seen in the final episode of Season 2, and she features her first onscreen transformation in the movie.

Puella Magi ReferencesEdit

  • Scierra faces a similar fate to Saki Asami, albeit being killed first.

Other NotesEdit


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