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Wished for some other Magical Girls clash to other Magical Girls? or you wanted your best girl clash against someone's best girl? Then Arena Mode is your choice!

Playable charactersEdit

There are total 30 playable characters.

Notes: * = Melee Proficient, ** =  Ranged Proficient, *** = Both Melee and Ranged Proficient

  1. Molly Kelley**
  2. Hilda Adams (normal)**
  3. Maria Thompson**
  4. Sabrina Mickey*
  5. Kacey Stevens**
  6. Michelle Kazusa***
  7. Kristen Magaret** (with Monica as support)
  8. Nicole Kanna***
  9. Yuuri Asuka**
  10. Hilda Adams (Lila-Ritter) ***
  11. Christina Shion**
  12. Alice Nachelle*
  13. Melody Hinata*
  14. Raven***
  15. Kyra Kanade*
  16. Komachi***
  17. Kathryn Hinata*
  18. Suzune Amano*
  19. Ignis/Grace*
  20. Katie K. Kure*
  21. Kanami*
  22. Scierra Yuuki*
  23. Tsubaki Mikoto*
  24. Morianna **
  25. Akuma Homura (via unlock)**
  26. Kajiurian Mikael*
  27. Nancy Momoe**
  28. Anita **
  29. Helena Kelley ***
  30. Elizabeth Visconti *

Note: 28, 29 and 30 is currently locked until the early 2016 patch.



The time can be set into 5 to 30 minutes, or infinity.

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