Magical Rangers is a show-within-a-show fictional subgroup from the Defenders portion of the Magical Molly! Reboot continuity family.
Magical Rangers
is a team of stereotypically cute and hotblooded team of Magical Girls who became the saviours of humanity!

Members are:

  • Medaka, the pink Magical Girl with a hot passion of pink!
  • Hameru, the purple Magical Girl with the coolness!
  • Mamy, the yellow Magical Girl with the virtues of the leader!
  • Sakaya, the blue Magical Girl with a burning azure justice!
  • Kyako, the red Magical Girl who was stronger than any of her opponents!

Together, they face against the ultimate evil of the Universe: Kyubey!

In reality, they're extremely loosely adapted & watered down versions of the characters from the Madoka of the Magus novel, leading to some criticisms: Saya Knowles seemed to gain a great dislike to the changes, and Elizabeth Visconti hinted their transformation scenes for not being instantaneous. Strangely, on the "positive" side: Anita had developed an interest to the show, although she hints that their adventures will never happen in reality.

"Our bond of courage, love & justice will open the way to the future! We are...the Magical Rangers!"
―The team's roll call


  • Voice Actresses:
    • Japanese: Kana Hanazawa (Medaka, Hameru, Mamy), Nao Touyama (Sakaya, Kyako)
  • So far, only 3 member's names might have been derived from their meduka meguca counterparts.
  • Sakaya's name is presumed to be a nod to the fandom's incorrect spelling to Sayaka's name.
  • Their theme song is "We are the Magical Rangers!", composed by Yuki Kajiura & Toshihiko Sahashi.
  • As hinted above, their transformation scenes are not instantaneous, making bad guys (and possibly their allies) bore themselves.

See AlsoEdit

  • Team Quintet, the actual team of Magical Girls existed decades ago.

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