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???: im rei sato satomi big sister hmm.Satomi: what are you doing i said tommow .Rei: i know i know but i want kill her now.Chiziru: aww to bad puella magis cant do that . Rei: oh you IDIOT. Chiziru quickly transforms an fights back. Chiziru: are you sure you want to do that you are kinda wea- WAHHHH.Rei: are you sure you wan to finished that sentence becase i have a killer sord to get with.Chiziru: really YOU GOT YOUR MEAN SIDE FROM YOUR DUMB MOM SIDE .Rei: you really TICK ME OFF.rei shot her magical gun to her .Chiziru: wow your really a powerful puella magi haha im just kidding.Satomi: YOUR GOING OUT OF CONTROL .satomi called her freinds to help them stop fighting.Muki:THATS IT IM STOPPING THIS. muki stop them with her bows an travel.Rei: whats a meaning of this who are you. Muki: IM MUKI ISAGOWA. Tami:rei-chan where are you.Rei im over here.Chiziru: GET OUT OF HERE YOU BLUE HAIRED FREAK:Rei: NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE HURTS TAMI-SAN.Rei; you i will be back lets go tami-san satomi sorry i couldent kill her like you ask hmm.Muki: YOU ASK TO KILL HER WHAT KIND OF FREIND ARE YOU lets go chiziru if she wants you dead then shes not your freind an ours.Satomi: why does this aways happpen to me

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