Miki Shirogane


Miki Shirogane (三木白金 Shirogane Miki)






October 1st


Long Mace

Soul Gem

Dark Red


171 cm




Aoi Enomoto (Enemy)

Miki is the main antagonist from Chiaki ☆ magica. A violent girl who came from unknown reasons, she seems like she wants to get into trouble with other magical girls, though her motives are unknown.


As a normal girl, Miki has straight short black hair with a red bow on it. Her eyes are dark red and she's a bit tanner than the rest of the cast. She's mostly seen wearing a white sweater and a long skirt.

However, her magical outfit is similar to a knight princess. It's black with red ribbons but isn't very long as it only reaches to her knees, her boots are made of metal, as well as her gloves. She has a red ribbon in the hair when transformed. When in magical girl form, her soul gem is located on her chest


Miki is reserved and doesn't speaks unless it's necessary. She has a sharp tongue and comes out as sarcastic and hostile towards other magical girls, explaining why other magis she has encountered don't trust her. In battle, she's aggresive, cold and merciless. So far there's no explanation why she spends her time fighting against both witches and magical girls.

Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Pole: Main weapon. Miki is able to hit several enemies in one hit and can serve the same way as a lance. She can do several different attacks with it.


  • Fire magic:

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