i painted it

Mikia is a puella magi in Mitakihara city.Her contract was in April 19,2002.She is the only child.


Mikia has long,blue,hair that is in 2 ponytails.Her eyes are purple.Her magical girl appearance is that she has an outfit like kyouko.Mikia has a blue soul gem on her wrist like a to her magical appearance

Her regular appearance>>>>


Mikia is quiet and smart.She talks but not that much.She is shy sometimes but likes to interact with people..


When Mikia was 4 years old,her parents got killed by a witch but the witch was killed by Mami Tomoe.By that time,Mikia was shocked and sad to see her parents die.Mami Tomoe was Mikia's caretaker.Since Mami was killed by Charlotte,Mikia took care of herself.She always wonder why people die.When she was walking around the park,she saw Kyubey on the bench.Kyubey contracted Mikia that day.


-Her wish is to save many lives from witches.


(work of proccess)

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