School Gate
Mitakihara Middle school
(見滝原中学校 Mitakihara Chūgakkou) is the school attended by all of the main characters (except Kyoko, until the 3rd Movie) in the series. It's one of the few schools in Mitakihara and is constructed to have a futuristic feel about it. Many of the inner walls are made of glass, giving it an open feel, and the school was completely reconstructed several years before the series starts.

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Magical Molly! Reboot seriesEdit

The school is similar to the original series, only less Catholic.


  • Originally Mitakihara Middle School was intended to be renamed as Mitchell High School (which was featured but not mentioned in the 4Kids Dub), but since the reboot series is an alternate retelling of the dubbed series instead of being faithful to the 4Kids dub, the name officially remains.


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