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Of Flowers, Light, and Southbound WindsEdit

Of Flowers, Light, and Southbound Winds is a Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica fanfiction set in the years before the canon story (and Madoka's Witch erasing wish) takes place.


When a mysterious stranger approaches teenage Mina Uchida offering to grant her any wish her heart desires in exchange for spending the rest of her life fighting creatures called witches as a Puella Magi, it takes Mina about five seconds to wish to be completely healthy. Blind since birth and constantly plagued by a myriad of health problems, there's nothing Mina wouldn't do to lead an average life. The first thing she sees with her restored sight is the mysterious stranger - who wasn't a person like she'd thought, but a cute cat like creature - who had granted her wish and the green gem that he claimed made the contract official. Finding that fighting witches is nowhere near easy, Mina soon realizes she needs more than a little help, but doesn't need to go looking for it since an upperclassman (Hikaru Yoshida) became suspicious about her miraculously regaining her sight and soon confronts her about being a Puella Magi. Finding that their wishes and abilities are in the same vein, the two quickly form a Puella Magi duo and continue ridding the city of witches.






Puella Magi Mina Magica

What Hikaru Saw Through the Looking Glass

Ayame's Heart [The real title is a plot spoiler so take this cliché instead.]


  • There's no one in this story that isn't a preexisting character who just needs more personality.
  • The witches are almost all FMCs with traits and quirks that inspired their type (Clara is an artist, Floretta's decision nearly destroyed the world, and Leonore was a pirate).
  • The title is a play on the meanings of the three main characters' names: Ayame (iris flowers), Hikaru (shining light), and Mina (southern winds) because I had no other ideas. Like a boss.

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