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For A Puella Magi ArticleEdit

  • Each Article must contain three of the following sections:
  • Appearence- Describe what your character looks like.
  • Personality- Describe how your character acts.
  • History- Describe what has happened in your characters life
  • Wish- Describe what your character wished for.
  • Powers/Abilities- Describe your characters powers.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses- Describe what your character is strong against or weak against.
  • Each category must have at least one paragraph
  • Must include category for gender of character
  • Must include category for wether character is puella magi or crossover character.
  • Pages must be kept organized.

Note: Crossover characters must state which fandoms they are from.

For A Human ArticleEdit

  • Each Article must contain three of the sections stated in Puella Magi standards. (But excluding powers)
  • Each section must have one paragraph
  • Must include at least two categories
  • Characters must have ties with a Puella Magi.
  • Pages must be kept organized.

For A Witch ArticleEdit

  • Must describe the witch
  • Must state the witches nature.
  • Must give necessary backround knowledge on the Puella Magi it came from.
  • Minion descriptions.
  • Labyrinth descriptions.
  • Weaknesses (optional)

Powers, Attacks, Moves, etc.Edit

  • 3 Sentences.
  • A description of move.
  • Add any necessary about moves. (If it comes from a fangame, fanfiction, who uses the move, etc.

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