Puella Magi Amaterasu IncantareEdit

Puella Magi Amaterasu Incantare is a fanon installment to the series Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, in a timeline where Witches still exist and Madoka along with Homura had died. Amaterasu is a Highschool girl who stay away from the incrowd and seems nearly invisable, until she meets Kodokuna. After their encounter, their lives take a turn into the world of Magic; Puella Magi, The Messenger of Magic, Witches, the true meaning behind the Magical Girls, and more. A girl who seems to have trouble staying still, a female with a burning temper, a mysterious beauty who looks like a goddess, the Mahou Shoujo that all work in Amaterasu and Kodokunas town.






(Yep, this series has Witches. It's an alternate timeline.)


Character ArtEdit

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